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Meet the Photog...

Hi... I'm Lindsay!!

Hi there! So glad you're here! Here is just a little bit about me... I am a Christian, a mama to my amazing son, Denver, and enjoy this crazy adventure of life with my incredible partner in crime, Blake!!  Family is my number one always! I am a lover of all handmade & handcrafted things and truly enjoy getting my hands dirty and creating all kinds of things myself!  I love anything old, rusted and paint chipped and always try to imagine the story behind all it's glorious character! Animals are a HUGE part of my life, including but limited to all kinds of scaley friends.  We love going on adventures, fishing, 4 wheeling and camping!  I am all about natural, organic, authenticity and about being comfy! I would live in yoga pants, bare foot and have a messy bun every day if I could.  I taught littles for over 21 years, including owning my own child care, working with special needs, all ages of preschool from infancy to teaching kindergarten. I am currently an optician at an amazing optometrist office and enjoy helping people see more clearly for the last 3 years! I am a vegetarian and am in love with healthy food! However, I can NOT, I repeat, cannot turn down amazing and delicious cheesecake!! Like I said, I am a lover of organic , natural and authentic everything and that plays a big part in my photography.  I love raw true emotion, connections and personalities!!  I am a photographer full of passion and love, and I LOVE getting to document and tell my incredible client's stories through beautiful imagery!!

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