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...I'm Lindsay!

I am so excited you're here! Now let's get to know each other a little! First of all, yup, that's me in a self portrait, and lets be honest, I am waaaay more comfortable on the other end of the camera but I find it super important to get in front of it from time to time. As much as I fight it, It helps me put myself in your shoes and reminds me of all the jitters and nerves you get putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. Also reminds me how good it feels to be brave and push ourselves out of our comfort zones occasionally. It raises my confidence and reminds me to love myself a little bit more.  This is what I want for you! I want you to see how beautiful you are, exactly how you are right now, even with all our insecurities WE ALL HAVE. and YES we all have them. Every shape. Every size. Big or small. At the beginning of a journey, in the middle of it, or proudly at the end. I am here to remind you of your beauty, cheer you on, and encourage you every step of the way! Together we will create gorgeous imagery of you and remind you of how amazing you are! Oh I can't wait! I get excited just thinking about it!!

Okay I'm sure you'd like to know some background on me... I am 39 years old, a mama to an amazing 15 year old boy. Been married and divorced and through a lot to get me to the person I am today. I had to overcome a lot and do some major healing and soul searching. When I first opened my photography business I had owned a daycare for 8 years, and during that time my son was born and I had started my photography journey taking pictures of my son and daycare kids and it grew from there. I specialized in connections and personality and prefer a lifestyle organic feel... I fell in love with photography and am completely self taught... Over the years I realized how much I enjoyed boudoir because of the exact moment when a client felt nervous, we took a few pictures, I would show her the back of the camera of an image I just took, UNEDITED, and her words are almost always "that's me?? no way that's me?!?!! Thats beautiful!" and her whole demeanor changed! Her confidence started to rise and she started to FEEL sexy and beautiful and this whole experience started to empower her... THAT is why I LOVE boudoir so very much!!!


I recently made the jump from photographer of many types of photography to specializing in just boudoir photography and decided to put all of my focus and energy into empowering women. I recently opened a private boudoir studio and still offer on location sessions as well. All sessions are tailored to each individual client and their comfort level and privacy are always my top priorities. 


I can't wait to chat with you, whether you are curious and have questions or are ready to book, I am excited in getting to know you!!